Thursday, February 04, 2010

Day -10

As far as tracking my progress, I will count down to the start of my program and then up from there. This will allow me to get eased into the healthier lifestyle while finishing up the home gym area.

Day -11 & -12
Both of these days were similar, I counted my calories and ate approx 2200, drank 8 8oz waters, and did a '30 day shred' routine.

I am working out in the evenings about 9pm because of my work schedule and the kids. For twenty minutes it's tougher than I thought, but I am pushing through it just to get accustomed to moving.

To get the water in I have an alarm on my iPhone every 2 hours, or else I'll just nurse coffee all day instead. This is working really well for me!

Food however, I really need to get the three meals and snacks as right now I am still missing breakfast. I have cut back to regular coffee, but really need to cut the cream and sugar.

I am debating over the use of supplements, whether or not they are needed or worth it. I'll let you know what I decide.

Um, I think I'll blog a day behind going forward, so you'll see day -10 tomorrow ;)

Oh and if you are reading this let me know so I don't have any excuses to stop!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My goal.

So here it is, my goal in writing.

Where I am right now:
-no endurance (out of breath jogging for 2 minutes)
-waist 37inches
-weight 185 pounds
-no muscles

What I want physically:
- good endurance (jog for 30min)
- waist 32 inches
- weight 170 pounds
- muscles (I'd be happy with some and definition)

The plan:
Really it's just watching what I eat, and exercising every other day. In two weeks I am going to go o. A strict diet and a 6 day/week workout routine for 90 days to see if the infomercial DVD's really can do what they advertise...

I would ask for you to wish me luck, but I feel I really have to do this all before I turn 30. So I'm just going to have to bring it ;)

PS. Bonus points for anyone who can guess the program I'll be doing.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Time for a change...

Looking at where I (still) am after all these years, it is time for a change.

In all areas of my life, home, work, health, and family, I am not where I wanted to be. I had a ton of dreams and goals that remain unachieved as I have compromised too many of my morals and beliefs. I feel that if I work really hard at getting the balance back in my life that I can begin to grow and live how I want to live.

Starting off with my health, I had quit smoking, and then quit trying to better my health any further shortly thereafter. So that being said, I have begun to exercise 3-5 times per week and reduce the junk in my diet. No more chips, fastfood, or lattes. For exercise, I am doing video programs to get used to the activity and clear the dust off; however, Monday February 15, 2010 the real challenge begins.

Again this is really only the first step in many. I hope I can keep the strenght, it's in there somewhere, I did quit smoking before!

Monday, November 09, 2009


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So did I mention that, after months of begging, we finally go office coffee.

Well karma has set in and the machine just ate my coffee money... I wouldn't have tasted good anyways...